Ozone Generator for Vegetable Washing,Ozone Fruits and Vegetables Purifier

  • Increases the self life of the Ozone Water Washed Vegetables & Fruits, by killing the wide ranges of the Superficial Pathogens including Bacteria, Virus, Cryptosporidium, E- Coli etc., and makes the product fits for Longer shipping distances and storages.
  • Increase the Hygienic Standard of the Ozone Water washed Vegetables & Fruits by Oxidizing the residual Toxic Chemicals & Pesticides used at the time of cultivation.
  • Best method to destroy the food borne Pathogens for Ready to Eat (RTE) – Fresh cut salads and also for “ Organically Grown Vegetables & Fruits “.
  • Increases the Freshness, Appearance and Taste of the Ozone Water Washed Vegetables and Fruits.

Being a powerful disinfectant than chlorine, ozone is highly effective against a range of pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. Alpha Ozonators manufactures and supplies ozone generator systems for vegetables and fruit washing. The system has been designed to maximize the transfer of ozone into the water making it more efficient in the cleaning of vegetables and fruits.

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