Ozone Generator for Tapioca Sago Processing Sterilization, Ozone Oxidation of Cassava Starch

  • Ozone Treatment is Sago Processing is majorly used for Whitening (Bleaching ) of tapioca (Sago) during Wet Grinding process.
  • Ozone bleaching ( Whitening) of the Tapioca avoids the usages of various bleaching chemicals ( Hypochlorite, Bromides & Hydrogen Peroxides etc., ) without altering the chemical, functional properties & tastes to meet the quality demands of the US & European countries.

Ozone based treatment is beneficial in the whitening or bleaching of tapioca during the wet grinding process. Our ozone treatment generator eliminates the chance of getting the grains from being infected with microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Ozone generators from Alpha Ozonators are proved to be effective in the tapioca sterilization process. The sterilization process avoids the usage of chemicals to keep its natural form and to meet the quality demands of western countries.

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