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Industrial Ozonator

Industrial Ozonator

Industrial Ozonator

Industrial Ozonator

Industrial Ozonator

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Swmming Pool Ozonator

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After ozonisation

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ALPHA POWER founded in 2005 is an independent and world wide active company for Research, Development, Production and Sale of High graded Ozone generators and Ozone Systems for virtually each of Ozone Applications (Swimming Pools, Packaged Drinking Water, Waste Water, Industrial Applications, Air Treatment & Sterilization etc.,). The Ozone Generators are manufactured strictly in compliance with international standards. The innovative models are design in conjunction with our unique electrodes for each Ozone Generator model guarantees their highest efficiency, operation safety And Reliability.

High Quality standard of our products by Specialized engineers, concept of application technology and flexible services are the guarantee for our client's satisfaction world wide.

Swimming fool ozone System Swmming fool ozone system

Swimming pool water pollutants

Swimming Pool water pollution can be divided into three groups:

Micro Organisms Consist of large number of pathogenic bacterias, fungi and viruses which spread disease from one swimmer to other.

Un dissolved pollutants - Consist of visible and suspended particles like Hair, Skin flakes, Skin tissues & soap remains.

Dissolved pollutants - Consist of Urine, Sweat, Eye fluids and Saliva. And also Ammonia, Kreatine, Kreatinine etc., This compounds react with chlorine incomplete oxidation can cause chloramines

formation which cause Red eyes, Eye irritation, Skin rash and Hair loss etc.,

  Swimming Water Quality can be sufficiently increased by ozonisation.

  Ozone system guarantees healthy swimming water.>

About Ozone technology

Ozone is simply a gas composed of three oxygen atoms. It is an extraordinary disinfecting agent that's economically produced and remarkably effective in swimming pool water treatment.

Today, Ozone technology is steadily replacing conventional sanitation techniques such as chlorine, steam or hot water.

Alpha Power Swimming Pool Ozonator works under the principle of high Efficiency Corona Discharge method.

Ozone Technology

Ozone Application in Swimming Pools

   In order to be able to use the Ozone mechanism optimally, Ozone is injected to the swimming pool water by venturi injecting system.

  Ozone increases biodegradability of materials and microbial growth.

   The ossxygen concentration will be increased.

  Swimming water Quality can be sufficiently increased by Ozonisation.

  Ozonisation guarantees healthy swimming water.

Ozone bacterial Destruction

Swimming Pool Ozonators, Swimming Pool Ozonator Manufacturers in India. Swimming Pool Ozone Generator Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporters- Alpha Power, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. We are supplying to Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kerala, Andhra, Karnataka and Pondicherry