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Industrial Ozonator

Industrial Ozonator

Industrial Ozonator

Industrial Ozonator

Industrial Ozonator

Food Ozonator

Hollow Block

Textile Ozonator

Hollow Block

Swmming Pool Ozonator

Applications-Sewage Water Treatment

.  Ozone destroys completely bacteria, Virus, Sporus, Fungus and Yeast Etc.

.  Ozone is not only a disinfectant but also removes odour,unpleasant taste,heavy Metals-like Iron and Magnese, toxic substances and even pesticides.

.  Ozone is ideal for drinking water treatment to kill E.coli, Crysptosporidium and Rotanirus.

.  According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).Ozone is the most effective major disinfectant available for drinking water.

.  Ozone sterilize the inside cap and air space in the bottle ensuring a longer shelf life.

.  Ozone does not leave any toxic by-products.


Ozonation has recently gained popularity as a wastewater treatment alternative in the United States after regulatory agencies placed restrictions on chlorine treatment induced disinfections byproducts, especially levels of trihalomethane (THM). Ozonation is an established and proven disinfections alternative as well as a peroxidant for the control of THM precursors.

Benefits of Ozonation

Oxidation and volatilization of organics,

Control of algae and associated compounds,

Destabilization (micro-flocculation) of certain types of turbidity,

Removal of color-causing compounds,

Oxidation of iron and manganese,

Very short disinfection times.

Partial oxidation of organics for subsequent removal by microorganisms.

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