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Packaged Water Ozone

Oxygen Concentrator

Dissolved ozone monitors

Swimming Pool heat pump

Room purifier

SS 316 Venturi

Hollow Block

Ozone Generators


Ozone Generators

Alpha Ozone is so excited &celebrated as a manufacture of Ozone Generators or Ozonators. We have included built-in compressor for quick installation. It carries reliable ozone output with its maximum capacity.Read more »


Oxygen Concentrator

The Oxygen Concentrator uses atmospheric air as a source of oxygen. it will separate all other gases and deliver purified continuous and concentrated flow of oxygen. It has been designed to provide a combination of enhanced features, reliability of a proven technology and unsurpassed quality. Read more »


Ozone Monitors and Conrollers

Alpha innovative products, actively driven by sensor research and technique development, l empowers professionals, product integrators and OEMs requiring accurate gas measurement and control. Aeroqual provides tailored solutions , system design and fully integrated packages - from simple monitors to complex networked systems with sophisticated control. Read more »


Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Using the solar energy in the air and transferring it to the water in the pool. For each kWh of consumption recorded by your electricity meter, PSA - ZODIAC heat pumps can transfer 5 kWh to your pool Unique in the world, PSA's polyamide titanium technology ensures complete corrosion resistance. PSA heat pumps are compatible with all types of water treatment.Read more »


Room Purifiers

Alpha power room purifier works under the principle of high efficiency corona discharge ozone generation and spreading it to the atmosphere to purify / sterile the guest rooms / suites / conference hall and restaurants. Read more »



Scarcity of good quality water has increased our dependence on ground water sources. This brackish or saline water is unfit for drinking or for industrial use unless properly treated. Reverse osmosis, a membrane desalination process increasingly used worldwide, purifies brackish water for drinking and industrials purposes. Read more »



Alpha Power Manufactures high Quality Ozone Generator Acessories Which includes Oxygen Generator, Ozone Reaction Tank, Ozone Skid Mount system,venturi Injector, Static Mixture,ozone Destructor,Silicon Tubes,NRV & Diffuser for better Ozone Application in Various Industries.Read more »


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