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Ozone Monitor

Ozone Monitor

Ozone Monitor

Ozone Monitor

Ozone Monitor

Ozone Monitor

Hollow Block

Ozone Monitor

Pharmaceutical Ozone Monitors

Series 500

Portable Gas Monitor

. High accuracy and functionality

. Onboard and PC data logging

. Easy to operate and maintain

. Portable battery operation

. External control outputs

. Rapid T90 response

.High and low alarms

. Remote sensor capability

. Interchangeable sensor heads

. Temperature and RH sensor (Series 505)


Display type; Measurement units

Reading functions

Sensor head

Alarm features

Display status indicators

External signal functions

Sensor calibration features

Analog output

Digital interface

Data logging capacity

PC data logging

Clock function

Power supply

Rechargeable battery

Enclosure material and rating

Size (with sensor head)

Weight (with sensor head and battery)

Optional accessories v Temperature & Humidity sensor (Series 505) Approvals

Pharmaceutical Ozone Monitors E-brochure and downloads

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